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The One Where She Tries to Make a Podcast…

This week I have began doing some research as to where to begin with creating a podcast. My first initial search was, “How to start a podcast” into Google and started there.

This first most helpful website that I came across was: How To Start a Podcast: By Podcast Insights. I figured it must be a decent place to start because Google suggested it as their top website. They break the podcasting process down into 8 different steps.

  • Choosing a topic & name
  • Show and episode format
  • Cover art creation
  • Intro & outro music
  • Equipment selection
  • Audio recording & editing
  • Submission to Apple/Spotify Podcasts
  • Promotion tips

Now, as I read through this list that seemed quite daunting, I realized that I have some work ahead of me to actually producing a legit podcast episode. I began reaching out to some friends to ask their advice. For starters, I contacted a friend who is quite tech-savvy and I was able to borrow a headset and microphone for the recording process.

Additionally, my classmate Leigh Tremblay, mentioned a few ideas on my digital project introduction blog post to check out for some resources on how to start a podcast. Thank-you so much for that!

Pod Bean is a website where you can create a free account to create and promote podcasts. Buzzsprout which is an online graphic design tool to create cover art for your podcast logo. I then created an account with Apple Podcast Connect as I am an apple product consumer and don’t want to limit my options on where to start. 🍎

Lastly, I found a podcast episode by Rachel Hollis titled “How to Start a Podcast” which was extremely helpful to listen to as I am definitely an auditory learner. And not to mention a big fan of her work in general. My goal is to start working through the 9 steps above and start brainstorming some ideas of what I would like my podcast to look, sound and feel like!

As always, please feel free to comment any suggestions you may have as this is a completely new process for me!


9 thoughts on “The One Where She Tries to Make a Podcast…

  1. Hi Katherine,
    I also plan on doing a podcast for my Major Project. I feel I did a lot of the same steps as you with google searches and reaching out to others. I am very glad that you attached hyperlinks in your post. I will be checking these out as I am moving forward in my project. I am however worried about being able to get the required equipment to record the podcast. You are lucky you found someone who had someone to borrow a headset and microphone from. Are you recording podcasts with your students? or on your own? If interested there is a series on Disney+ called Only Murders in the Building. It is only 5 episodes and is very humorous as these three strangers come together to create a podcast.


    1. Hi Jenny! Leigh had mentioned that you were creating a podcast as well and I was excited to reach out to you. I haven’t quite nailed down the details yet, however I think I would like to either interview a couple of students, or reach out to friends/family to write in a story or questions about specific topics. I like listening to podcasts that do a combination of both so we will have to see where it takes me! There are some USB microphones on amazon that aren’t too expensive either if you are in the market for some basic equipment.


  2. Hi Katherine,

    Myself and other classmate are also embarking on a podcast adventure, so it was very helpful to read some of your thoughts and links you shared in your process. Will you be working with someone on the podcast or more of a solo endeavour?

    I will definitely check out that podcast by Rachel Hollis, as adutitory learning is one of my preferred methods of transferring information into learning.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to future posts and seeing your new developments. Is there certain topics or ideas that you wanted to spefically look at?


    1. Hi Chris,

      For this project I plan on working solo. I might have some guest from the outside world but I am not exactly sure of my format yet. I might interview a couple of my students and try to get the topic light and fun for the first episode.


  3. If you’re interested in making an educational podcast, check out Amanda Brace’s podcast ( She is an educator here in Regina and is amazing with technology. If you need to know where to start, she’s a great person to ask. She also took the Master’s Certificate in Educational Technology and Media through the U of R and is passionate about educational technology. She is a great resource to use! Another amazing tech educator who has taken many of these classes is Curtis Bourassa ( has a podcast with other techy educators and is always willing to teach and help out! Check them out. They are amazing and always have great advice. Reach out to them on Twitter (@amandajebrace and @MrBourassaED) or via their websites ( and They are amazing! Good luck with your project!


  4. I’ve always been interested in podcasts, but haven’t listened to enough! I want to dive deeper and find podcasts and episodes to expand my knowledge of various interests.

    I did do a small podcast project with my students last year and it was fun to see them share their interests with others in a new way. We used since it was user-friendly for students, but you might want something with a bit more options.

    I am excited to listen to your podcast at the end of this course! Good luck!


  5. I love the podcast idea and you’ve done well to structure your intended goals. It looks like you’ve received a number of good resources in the comments and definitely follow-up on connecting with others who’ve taken this class in the past and have mastered the process! Best of luck!


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