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Podcast Names & Cover Art

Hey Folks!

Today I took my classmate Megan Henrion’s advice and checked out Anchor FM which is a podcasting website by Spotify that allows you to create, distribute and if you want, monetize your podcasts for free. Because I am familiar with both Apple and Spotify podcasts, I figured it would be a good place to start.

I think this is the platform that I am going to use for creating my podcast!

In my previous post I made a list of items that should be completed for creating a podcast. They do not necessarily have to be done in a specific order however I did want to start checking off some of the list items.

  • Choosing a topic & name
  • Show and episode format
  • Cover art creation
  • Intro & outro music
  • Equipment selection
  • Audio recording & editing
  • Submission to Apple/Spotify Podcasts
  • Promotion tips

Now, as any well-rounded millennial does, I google searched “How To Name A Podcast” and got some great advice of where to start. It even came from Anchor FM as a matter of fact.

I also went and browsed podcasts on Apple and Spotify and paid closer attention to the names of podcasts.

The one of the most difficult parts of choosing a podcast name for me is trying to keep is broad, while specific at the same time. I want to potentially talk about a variety of topics on the podcast so I don’t want to limit myself just based on the name and/or cover art its self. I think the cover art is easier to change to suit your needs where as the name is kind of set in stone.

Some of the words that I have written down include:

  • life long learner
  • teacher/teaching/education
  • lifestyle
  • intention

Here are some contenders… this took an embarrassingly amount of time to brainstorm

  • Fresh Education With Kat
  • The Kat Perspective
  • Learning With Kat
  • Unapologetically Kat (WINNER!) – This title allows the podcast to discuss both teaching related and personal topics. I didn’t want my last name in the podcast and I didn’t want it to be only related to teaching/education in case I want to take it a different route in the future. I chose the Education – Self Improvement Podcast category because I am on a journey of self-improvement both professionally and personally.

Podcast Description – Kat, a middle years teacher, explores the highs and lows of teaching, learning, and living, all while trying to stay true to herself in this world of constant comparison. Join Kat, where she answers questions, shares stories, and interviews guests about all topics under the sun.

Cover Art – I used Canva to create my cover art. They have a template specifically for podcast cover art so it is the correct dimensions and file size. I used a handwritten font because I am very into the look lately and had to include a basic boho rainbow because they are very trendy right now and I have quite a few in my classroom.

Here she is! I love it. I personally have that apple tattoo on my ankle so I thought it was fitting for the cover art. It is also a subtle hint that I am a teacher.

And now I officially am ready to start podcasting! I still have a lot more work to do until I actually record an episode, however I am one step closer! Thanks for following along.


5 thoughts on “Podcast Names & Cover Art

  1. Wow Kat!! I love the title and design!

    Do you have any previous experience with Canva, because it appears that that design would take a bit of work with the colour schemes and aesthics?

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing your first podcast!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the title and the cover art. It looks so great! Very trendy too. The description of your podcast seems fitting for what you have previously discussed. I look forward to hearing your podcasts or reading more about your ideas of what you plan to discuss and who will guest star on your show. I am excited to hear your first episode and it looks like you put a lot of thought into outlining your podcast and all of its components. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great start! Your name and your cover art are super intriguing and make it so people are interested right away, even before listening to your podcast. I’m happy you found AnchorFM to be of help!

    Liked by 1 person

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