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Podcast Vision Board

Up until this point I haven’t been able to narrow down exactly the format or topic that I want to explore for my first podcast episode. I want to keep it broad as to not limit myself, however eventually I have to make a decision once it comes to recording time. I have decided to create a vision board so that I always have something to refer back to for ideas whenever I feel stuck or unsure of my next step forward.

I have never created a vision board. I have recently discovered “vision board Tiktok” and it inspired me to do the same. I didn’t know exactly where to start so I went to google. The first vision board website that I found was by the one and only……Oprah Winfrey. From there I was able to get the wheels turning and jog my creativity.

For anyone that already does or is interested in using Canva, I just signed up for Canva for Educators and it approved my application immediately and I get access to all of the premium features for free. I just had to include a screen shot of the top part of my pay stub to prove I was a real teacher. We don’t have teacher Identity cards so this was the next best thing. I blurred out certain personal info as well. Canva is a great tool for visually representing your ideas. In the education version your kids are all in a class section as well and you can see what they create.

Today I used Canva to create my vision board for my podcast. Here is what I came up with. I took my description of my podcast and turned it into an esthetically pleasing reference point for whenever I need inspiration.

My next step is to choose one item from the top, and one item from the bottom and start brainstorming ideas for my first podcast episode. I also plan on creating some sort of test recording because I have also never done that before as well!


5 thoughts on “Podcast Vision Board

  1. Katherine, I think using Canva to create your Vision Board was a super idea. It looks so good! I have never explored Canva so I clicked the link and wow – I am excited to try this. I was able to use some features easily, but does Canva for Educators provide more options and choices for creating?
    I look forward to checking out your podcast!

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    1. Hi Lynette! Thanks. I literally typed in vision board into the search bar and tons of templates came up to choose from. It’s so easy. Canva for educators allows you to use most, if not all the premium features for free. I also use Canva for our wedding invitations, thank you cards and Christmas cards!


  2. Katherine, It is so neat to see others’ ideas on podcasts as it is also my major project. I love your vision board and need to sign up for Canva! Are you recording with your students? I am making a list of different recording platforms and testing them this week to see which one I will use.

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  3. HI Katherine! I am so intrigued by Canva by the way you utilized it in this post!! How user friendly would it be for a beginner?

    And I am excited to learn more about your podcast and its content! But I really like your designs and themes thus far!

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    1. Hi Chris, it is very user friendly! I’d start out just browsing around the free version. They have templates for everything under the sun. And it is super easy to edit the text, pictures and symbols.


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