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Podcast Intro & Outro Music

I recently discovered that I judge podcasts based on their intro & outro music. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t listen to the podcast if I don’t like the music, however I think that it has great influence! That is why it is so important to create intro & outro music that isn’t too loud, too long or just not pleasant to the ear.

I am afraid of accidently plagiarizing my intro music because I don’t want to use songs that have copywrite or I don’t have permission to use. So instead, I am going to use my incredibly non-musically talented self to create my own jingle using Chrome Music Lab Song Maker. I initially found this website when I first started teaching music to my students during Arts Ed. about four years ago. This website allows you to play around with all of the musical notes you would find on a piano, while adding in a beat, changing instruments and then being able to save and download your creation. If you have any previous understanding of reading music or playing an instrument, this would be right up your alley.

Here is my example jingle so you can see what I am talking about. Kat’s Practice Jingle

After many failed attempts of trying to create a snazzy beat and not wanting to copy from Youtube, I reached out to a good friend who is musically inclined to help me create my intro & outro music. All of the credit goes to Cade Eastwood because he created something I could never in a million years. He is actually a band teacher with and arts education degree so I felt like I was seeking guidance from the right person.

I imagine this is what he is doing when he is creating beats on his computer.

Here is my official music that will be at the beginning and end of my podcast! I plan to have some sort of catch phrase to say after the music is done as well to start off the episode.


3 thoughts on “Podcast Intro & Outro Music

  1. Kat, I completely feel the same way about intro and outro music on a podcast. I have been trying to check out different podcasts and genres as I am also on the podcast creating journey. I have been struggling with how to make my music for my podcast so I may use the Chrome Music Lab Song Maker you used. So thank you for posting I have been struggling with what to do for mine and with using WeVideo to record they have music you can choose but I want to have my own. I will be experimenting with this. I also love the name and logo you have used. I am giving some of that control to my students which I am finding very hard. I have my own ideas but want them to have ownership in the podcast.

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