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My First Test Episode – Terrifying!

Anchor FM – Podcast Episode Creator

Today I am recording my first test episode! Instead of sharing everything in a written format as I have in the past, I am going to share my progress within my first test episode! Enjoy! (I am terrified of listening to myself on this recording…here goes nothing)

Okay, before I post my recording here is some of the steps I have done before I have even attempted a recording. I took my intro music and added a voice recording over top of it so that I have both the intro music and voice introduction together. I did this by using Audacity. I didn’t even know that I already had this program on my computer until I searched it up. I watched a few Youtube videos on how to enhance your sound. They suggest using effects such as Noise Reduction, Compressor, Equalization and Normalizing. These effects made my recording sound much better! I also don’t have a microphone right now so I might re-record it once I have it.

I was able to record my voice overtop of the music I had already created. Then saved it as a .wav and mp3 file. I wasn’t sure which one was better. Guess we will find out! then uploaded this file to Anchor FM where I am doing the actual creation of the podcast episode. Anchor FM also has lots of fun transition sounds to include as well which I plan on doing! Enjoy 🙂


3 thoughts on “My First Test Episode – Terrifying!

  1. I just love your cover photo! It’s just the cutest thing ever. I bet this was terrifying, but how rewarding of an experience is this! I bet your kiddos would love doing this project. It looks like you have done a ton of work and I can’t wait to hear future episodes of your podcast! What would you say your biggest learning curve has been while trying to tackle this project?

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  2. Wow! I loved the intro, very cool! ‘

    This is a great start o your podcast and I know that feeling of ‘terrifying’ for sure! You transitioned very nicely and I am excited to hear more in future episodes. It look like you put in some serious work to get to this point, so good on you! It really does show!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. You have some fantastic ideas for different podcasts. Love the sound of the excitement generated from the classroom newspaper and covering the various things happening in your building. I really liked how you talked about the importance of reflecting on teaching during the pandemic. I would be curious to hear about what new practices teachers have adopted that they feel they will continue to use. I am also curious to hear which practices they feel are no longer required or needed and could be left behind. I have heard many teachers talk about how they approaching planning and assessment practices a bit differently. I think we learned the importance of covering curricular outcomes without having to go into the same depth as previous years. It is obvious that you have spent a lot of time and effort getting to this point. Looking forward to your first official podcast.

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