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(Flip) Grid!

For this week’s task of exploring a tech application, I decided to learn more about Flip (previously known as Flipgrid). I have used Flip twice as a user and the experience overall was quite simple. When I was applying for the connected educator program within my school division, we had to give a 1-minute “elevator pitch” video that explained why we should be chosen to be accepted into the program. This program is offered for individuals who have aspirations to use technology to the fullest within their classroom. This program provides one-to-one devices for you and your classroom only. I already had an account made from this, and my video response was still saved from over nine months ago!

Flip is a video-based tool that allows for discussion across digital devices, but in a fun and engaging way that makes it ideal for use in education. I turned to Tech & Learning to learn more about Flip and all that it has to offer in the classroom setting. Flip can be used in any mode of blended learning and encourages students to use their voices to enhance their learning.

Flip is designed to help with group discussions. The ability to re-record responses helps take off the pressure, making this a very enabling tool for education. Students can also trim and edit their videos as well. This is very comparable to the video feature that my students use on Seesaw. Anyone with the link can respond to the topic created by the teacher, which opens up the floor for students from any classroom, school, division or even country to participate in the conversation as long as they have the link.

First, I created the group that my class is going to use. This is where I can find all of the different topics that I plan to use for my unit. You could create separate groups for each class or subject depending on how often you plan on using Flip.

This is what the home page of the group looks like from the teacher’s view. Once I created the group it gave me some cute cover photos to choose from and I was ready to create my first topic.

I will be using flip as one of the first digital activities within my course profile. Students will be given the link for this flip grid within their OneNote lesson. I want them to record a 1-minute video about everything that they already know about flight. This is to replace a traditional KWL chart.

Once I was finished creating the topic, it gives various options for sharing the link with students. It is integrated with Google Classroom and Microsoft. You can also share it with various social media applications as well if you wanted to get responses from the general public about a topic. I will be copying the student link into a OneNote lesson and distributing it to students.

When students are recording their videos on Seesaw I often will send a few students to work in various places in the schools where they can record in a quiet place without feeling as though they are being watched by their peers. I usually send them to the hallway, the library or one of the workspace rooms that we have to use. If students have headphones with a microphone attached it helps for better sound quality. I will do the same thing for recording Flip videos as well. When students record their videos they can add text, emojis and stickers to personalize their responses.

This program has options to like and comment on each other’s videos. I have turned off the comment feature because kids can unfortunately sometimes be cruel and right now I want to focus on recording their own videos first instead of watching and commenting on others’ videos. For my student’s privacy, I will not be sharing the link with anyone except for my students right now. I can also moderate and approve all videos that are submitted with my link to avoid posts that do not belong there.

Do you use Flipgrid with your students? What are some ways that you have connected with other classes or schools while using it? How have you incorporated it into your classroom before?


3 thoughts on “(Flip) Grid!

  1. Katherine, you’ve done a great job including visuals in this post! I appreciated being able to see how you’ve created your class. I’ve used Flip in my own classes for a few years now and the kids always enjoy it. I’ve found every year there are a few who are shy to record themselves, but after a few tries they become much more comfortable. I also turn off the post commenting feature when we start using it. We spend quite a bit of time learning how to create constructive comments and working on digital citizenship before I turn it on for them to use. I do enjoy watching the student interactions through the responses once they’ve had the instruction. I used Flip in a grade 3 social studies class last year, and the students came up with some great questions and feedback for each others Christmas around the world projects. When we were limited to cohorts in our building, we used Flip to set up a reading buddy program between our kindergarten and grade 5 classes.


  2. I think your students will really enjoy Flip. I like seeing how your course is evolving through your course profile and adding in some teaching tools, etc. This will be one stellar flight unit by the time you’re done with it! I have used Flip in the past as a discussion tool – students had to respond to curriculum questions with a) their opinion, b) connection to their lit circle novel and c) the podcast we were studying as a class to supplement their lit circle novels. Students were really engaged with it and liked the minimal pressure, like you mentioned, and it allowed for some really authentic connections with the texts we were studying and letting them share their thoughts.

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  3. Great post and I love the inclusion of the videos and visuals! The idea of giving the option to record their thoughts through the program and get away from the traditional KWL charts is great. I was planning to use Flipgrid in my online class assignment but I may have to give this a try. Some students are not writers and struggle getting thoughts on paper. These programs allow them to talk through it and it’s easy to always hit record again!

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