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Course Module #1 – The History of Flight Innovation!

Hey everyone! Check out my video below where I give a walkthrough of my online course prototype shell and first module. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments afterwards regarding my video.

My aim is that this lesson will take up our entire 40-minute block for science for most of my students. By the time I explain the task and have them all set up on their OneNote pages on their devices ready to begin, they will need to work diligently to get through everything I have planned. I have left some wiggle room for students who may struggle with navigating OneNote on their devices or for recording their Flipgrid responses and more time can be allocated if needed. We often have to take turns sharing the quiet spaces throughout the school for recording in a more private area so students feel comfortable in their videos. They often record in the hallway, library, or empty classrooms around the school. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Course Module #1 – The History of Flight Innovation!

  1. This looks like an awesome first module! I really like how organized is all is and how the students know step by step what their expectations are. As I was watching your video the one thing I was wondering was how are you going to prepare your students to use these programs? Do they use one note often and know how to navigate it or will you have some prep classes to get them ready? I find sometimes that is the hardest part introducing tech to younger grades as it is sometimes their first exposure! I am just finishing up my flight unit with my grade 6 crew, I am excited to see how this goes for your group of students.

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    1. Thanks Sydney! This is their very first time using it. When preparing my students to use the program, I extended my normal 40-minute science period to almost double the time for all students to be able to complete it. The first 20 minutes was just me explaining to my students how to access their OneNote, what all the different features entail, where they can find all of the tabs and lesson pages and how to actually do the assignment. Some students were very quick, and other took longer which is to be expected espeically with a new application. Overall it went over pretty smoothly minus some tech issues with two student computers. I was definitely on my feet the entire time answer questioning and helping them along the way.


  2. Really great explanation of OneNote as an interactive platform. I haven’t ever actually received any PD on One Note despite it being used within our division and I feel like I learned a lot from your video. I love that you can create pages and then distribute when you’re ready. Being able to distribute to groups is cool too because then you can set up jigsaws and other activities while using One Note – definitely gives me something to think about in planning future courses! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Thanks Jacquie! Yes, being able to distribute to specific groups is awesome. You can also do group work in the collaboration space as well where everyone can edit the same page together at the same time. This definitely can be a challenge depending on your group but it is similar to a shared document.


  3. You explained the whole thing in such an amazing way. It’s a good way to teach students by providing them a video, students can learn easily with audio-visual aids. And I really like the learning chart you have created to get to know about their previous knowledge, the things they learn in the class.

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    1. Thanks Jashandeep! The first lesson went as well as I expected it to. There were definitely bumps in the road with some technical issues and my regular classroom management but I think they will be more confident when we go to do the second lesson after the February break.


  4. I like the way you explained the whole concept. Good Job Mihial! It’s very effective to provide a video to students so they can watch it and learn easily and I always believe, students always find videos more interesting and exciting rather than books when it’s about getting the highest engagement in the lessons. Hence, I used a video in my module too. I also like the learning chart that you created so that they can get a deeper understanding of the lessons.


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