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Course Prototype Overview – Flight & Aviation

Welcome to my course prototype overview for ECI 834 – online & blended learning. Here you will find all the links needed to access and learn about the exciting world of flight innovation & aviation in a grade 5/6 classroom. This unit is specifically a grade 6 science unit. However, in our split classes, weContinue reading “Course Prototype Overview – Flight & Aviation”

Course Module #2 – What Birds Have Taught Us About Aviation

Check out my video outlining all of the details about my second module for my course prototype. I briefly recap my first module, explain some of my changes and revisions, and explain what my second module entails. Students were able to complete this second module as well, and it was great to see what theyContinue reading “Course Module #2 – What Birds Have Taught Us About Aviation”

Online Interactions & Connections

Getting students excited about learning is challenging at the best of times. I often find myself introducing new topics to my students by telling them first-hand stories of my personal experiences, jumping around the front of the room to make them laugh, or just being downright loud and silly to remind them that learning canContinue reading “Online Interactions & Connections”

Reviewing & Revisions of Module 1

Feedback: Answers to questions from my reviewers: Challenges: Changes: Questions I still have: Something that I am currently struggling with across all subject areas is accommodating for my EAL learner in my classroom. They speak very little English and are also quite shy as well. I end up leaning a lot on another student inContinue reading “Reviewing & Revisions of Module 1”

Course Module #1 – The History of Flight Innovation!

Hey everyone! Check out my video below where I give a walkthrough of my online course prototype shell and first module. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments afterwards regarding my video. My aim is that this lesson will take up our entire 40-minute block for science for most of my students. ByContinue reading “Course Module #1 – The History of Flight Innovation!”

Mihial’s Course Prototype Profile

Target Student Population My target audience for this course prototype is my current classroom of kiddos. I have 27 students in a grade 5/6 split (11 in grade 6 and 16 in grade 5). We are located at St. Bernadette School in Regina, Saskatchewan. I have been teaching there for 5 years and we areContinue reading “Mihial’s Course Prototype Profile”

Blended Learning is a Heinz 57 of Technology in The Classroom

Blended Learning – What is it? Blended learning is the continuum of face-to-face learning with synchronous and/or asynchronous digital learning as well. Some examples include classroom aids, flipped, and hybrid learning. Blended learning helps encourage self-directed learning and independence. It is not necessarily a 50/50 split but can be tailored to fit the student andContinue reading “Blended Learning is a Heinz 57 of Technology in The Classroom”

Welcome To The World of ECI 834

Hello everyone! Welcome to my online space where I will share my thoughts and ideas regarding online and blended learning with Katia’s class. For those of you who have never visited my blog site before, welcome! I enjoy sharing information that I have learned from class and my classmates as well as my personal experiencesContinue reading “Welcome To The World of ECI 834”

Do educators have a responsibility for developing students’ digital footprints?

I believe that educators have a responsibility to teach digital citizenship in schools. However, how students present their digital footprints online is out of teachers’ control for the most part. Can we influence what they might post in the future? Hopefully. But, most of our students already have a digital footprint. By digital footprint, IContinue reading “Do educators have a responsibility for developing students’ digital footprints?”

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Learning

Now, I may be a tad biased because my group was arguing that “Online learning is not detrimental to the social and academic development of children.” For this blog post, I will be able to share a bit from both sides. Online learning provides unique opportunities for those with any type of disability both visibleContinue reading “The Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Learning”

Social Media Ruining Childhood? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Wow! What incredible presentations for this evening’s debate. My first initial thought on this debate question was that no, social media is not ruining childhood. Watching the videos only furthered my beliefs. Social media is ruining childhood just like the television, cellphones and the print press did for previous generations. We are often fearful ofContinue reading “Social Media Ruining Childhood? Maybe. Maybe Not.”

Social Justice through Social Media? For Teachers?

This debate topic felt very personal to me as I reflect on how I use social media both as a personal consumer and as a professional as well. I have sort of selected which social media platforms are for my personal use, and which are for my professional use. I use Twitter, Discord and WordPressContinue reading “Social Justice through Social Media? For Teachers?”