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Do educators have a responsibility for developing students’ digital footprints?

I believe that educators have a responsibility to teach digital citizenship in schools. However, how students present their digital footprints online is out of teachers’ control for the most part. Can we influence what they might post in the future? Hopefully. But, most of our students already have a digital footprint. By digital footprint, IContinue reading “Do educators have a responsibility for developing students’ digital footprints?”

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Learning

Now, I may be a tad biased because my group was arguing that “Online learning is not detrimental to the social and academic development of children.” For this blog post, I will be able to share a bit from both sides. Online learning provides unique opportunities for those with any type of disability both visibleContinue reading “The Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Learning”

Social Media Ruining Childhood? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Wow! What incredible presentations for this evening’s debate. My first initial thought on this debate question was that no, social media is not ruining childhood. Watching the videos only furthered my beliefs. Social media is ruining childhood just like the television, cellphones and the print press did for previous generations. We are often fearful ofContinue reading “Social Media Ruining Childhood? Maybe. Maybe Not.”

Social Justice through Social Media? For Teachers?

This debate topic felt very personal to me as I reflect on how I use social media both as a personal consumer and as a professional as well. I have sort of selected which social media platforms are for my personal use, and which are for my professional use. I use Twitter, Discord and WordPressContinue reading “Social Justice through Social Media? For Teachers?”

Is Cursive Going Out of Style?

To quote Dr. Taylor Swift – Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts, “when we (technology) go crashing down, we (teachers) come back every time ’cause we (basic skills) never go out of style. “ Basic skills such as spelling, mental math, and cursive, should not be replaced by technology. Entirely. It is very easy for adultsContinue reading “Is Cursive Going Out of Style?”

Has Technology Led to Greater Equity in Society?

There are many factors to take into consideration when adressing the question of whether or not technology has led to greater equity in society. I apologize in advance for the lenghtly post, but there are so many items to tackle. Some specific variables to consider in this debate include geographic location, socioeconomic status, access, funding,Continue reading “Has Technology Led to Greater Equity in Society?”

Does Technology Enhance Learning? Read to Learn More…

Today’s debate topic discussed whether or not technology enhances student learning. As a spectator of this discussion, I felt tugged back and forth for and against this debate. This topic was a great opening presentation for this class because it is the essence of educational technology in schools right now. Some may view this debateContinue reading “Does Technology Enhance Learning? Read to Learn More…”