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Wrapping up the Major Digital Project

Wow! I can’t believe that the semester is coming to an end. During the process of this major digital project I was able to go through the many steps of creating a podcast. I originally chose this project because I listen to podcasts daily on my commute to work, but also because I recently discoveredContinue reading “Wrapping up the Major Digital Project”

My First Test Episode – Terrifying!

Today I am recording my first test episode! Instead of sharing everything in a written format as I have in the past, I am going to share my progress within my first test episode! Enjoy! (I am terrified of listening to myself on this recording…here goes nothing) Okay, before I post my recording here isContinue reading “My First Test Episode – Terrifying!”

Podcast Names & Cover Art

Hey Folks! Today I took my classmate Megan Henrion’s advice and checked out Anchor FM which is a podcasting website by Spotify that allows you to create, distribute and if you want, monetize your podcasts for free. Because I am familiar with both Apple and Spotify podcasts, I figured it would be a good placeContinue reading “Podcast Names & Cover Art”

The One Where She Tries to Make a Podcast…

This week I have began doing some research as to where to begin with creating a podcast. My first initial search was, “How to start a podcast” into Google and started there. This first most helpful website that I came across was: How To Start a Podcast: By Podcast Insights. I figured it must beContinue reading “The One Where She Tries to Make a Podcast…”

Major Digital Project Introduction

Based on the idea that individuals are able to learn and share online, you will choose something significant that you would like to learn, and you will share your progress openly in an online space. I have chosen that I want to embark on the journey of creating a podcast. I’ve been told by myContinue reading “Major Digital Project Introduction”