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The Value of Open Education Resources

My overall opinion of the value of the OER movement? I 100% believe that it’s needed to make education accessible for all. Whether you are a student trying to understand a new concept, a parent attempting to help your child with their homework, or an educator looking for inspiration to teach a new topic, openContinue reading “The Value of Open Education Resources”

Sharing Is Caring – Open Education

I didn’t have a sniff of what open education was until this class—specifically, our last session. So, for those who might not have a concrete understanding of open education, here is my Coles notes version of what I have gathered. Open education’s primary goal is the provide quality education to teachers and students everywhere, regardlessContinue reading “Sharing Is Caring – Open Education”

How To Be A Social Media Activist … for Dummies

As I begin writing this blog post, I have concluded that I sometimes feel like I do not have enough basic understanding of social media activism, which is why I find it difficult to know where to start. In addition, I often feel intimidated or scared to speak up about controversial topics online because IContinue reading “How To Be A Social Media Activist … for Dummies”

Apps on Apps on Apps…

Alec has tasked us with experimenting with a new social media app that we aren’t familiar with or learn more about one that we already have. Many of my classmates expressed interest in downloading Tiktok and my brain immediately went to “Tiktok has been my guilty pleasure since March 2020”. So it definitely is notContinue reading “Apps on Apps on Apps…”

Growing Up as a Millennial With Social Media

So to be clear, I am on the edge of identifying as a millennial, according to Google. I was born in 1995, so I just made the cut. Isn’t it funny how we classify parts of our identity based on this category of defining people by their generation? It seems more apparent now than everContinue reading “Growing Up as a Millennial With Social Media”

Welcome to ECI 831!

Hi there! Welcome to the section of my blog where I will be documenting my thoughts and reflections as I embark on the journey of social media and open education with Alec Couros. I am looking forward to into integrating my new learnings from this class to my teaching practice in the classroom. This isContinue reading “Welcome to ECI 831!”