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OneNote, Canva & Minecraft EDU

Before I begin, I really have to thank my grade sixes for their incredible participation and enthusiasm when embarking on this journey of exploring OneNote, Canva and Minecraft EDU all within a matter of a few months. This group of students of mine are so excited when I introduce new digital projects and assessments thatContinue reading “OneNote, Canva & Minecraft EDU”

Creating Beautiful Things with Canva

To complete my personal journey through media, my third digital platform that I wanted to investigate more thoroughly is I have personally been using Canva for about a year now. I have created both personal and professional projects for myself and have found it very user-friendly, full of great templates and inspires my creativity.Continue reading “Creating Beautiful Things with Canva”

Using OneNote in the Classroom

During my personal journey into media, I chose to dive into the world of OneNote with my students. I had very briefly used OneNote with my staff members to book out rooms within my school building such as the library, mini gym and multipurpose room. However, I was merely just viewing and editing someone else’sContinue reading “Using OneNote in the Classroom”

Progress With Minecraft EDU

Over the last couple of months, my students have been experimenting with Minecraft EDU in the classroom. I would say for the most part it has been a very positive experience. There will always be bumps in the road when navigating new digital platforms, but the most exciting part of this Minecraft journey is howContinue reading “Progress With Minecraft EDU”

Major Project – Minecraft EDU

In my initial post regarding my major project, I had brainstormed a few ideas of some applications that I wanted to dive into. One of the more student-focused applications I want to explore further is Minecraft Education. Before Christmas, I spent a good hour with my students downloading the Minecraft EDU desktop app onto eachContinue reading “Major Project – Minecraft EDU”

Diving Into The World of Tech Apps

After browsing through the different options for the major digital project, I have concluded that I will be choosing option 2: A Personal Journey Into Media. I have chosen this route because I want to explore both social and educational apps in-depth. Exploring both the social and educational impacts of these applications is of greatContinue reading “Diving Into The World of Tech Apps”