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Week 4 – Assistive Technologies: My Personal Experience

All accessibility tools benefit everyone. They are often created and put in place for specific reasons; however, it ends up being helpful and not an inconvenience to most people. For example, a wheelchair ramp is intended for those who may have a physical disability, but those who have strollers, wagons, or simply want to useContinue reading “Week 4 – Assistive Technologies: My Personal Experience”

Week 3 – Post 2 – Assessment Technologies

Assessment technologies have exploded in the last decade of teaching. Throughout my five years of undergraduate schooling and four years of educating, I have developed my teaching practice alongside this new wave of technology innovation. It can be very overwhelming when new programs are constantly being developed and implemented in schools for various reasons. However,Continue reading “Week 3 – Post 2 – Assessment Technologies”

Week 3 – Post 1 – The Evolution of The Web

In the grand scheme of things, education has been evolving quite slowly in comparison to technology. Desks in rows, a teacher at the front, writing on a board, and taking tests are all aspects of education that have existed for over two hundred years. We can use this as an example of education 1.0. JackieContinue reading “Week 3 – Post 1 – The Evolution of The Web”

Week #2 – Post 2 – Tools For Online & Distance Education

During my interview with Regina Catholic Schools four years ago, if I had been told that I would be teaching through my computer from my home office during a global pandemic, I would have looked at them with complete disbelief. And here we are, slowly progressing out of Covid-19 restrictions in Canada more than aContinue reading “Week #2 – Post 2 – Tools For Online & Distance Education”

Week #2 – Post 1 – Is the Internet really a productivity tool or merely an endless series of distractions?

Before I watched the video “Single-tasking is the new Multi-tasking,” I took a quick reflection of myself as either a single or multi-tasker. I frequently do multi-task; however, if the task is difficult or time-sensitive, I can usually put distractions aside and focus on one thing. As I began to watch the video, my firstContinue reading “Week #2 – Post 1 – Is the Internet really a productivity tool or merely an endless series of distractions?”

Week #1 – Define Educational Technology

My personal definition of education technology is to use technology to navigate new information, communicate with others, create digital representations, and utilize digital platforms for various educational purposes. Although this definition may be broad, in a sense, so is educational technology. In light of the pandemic, we have transformed what educational technology looks like forContinue reading “Week #1 – Define Educational Technology”