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Great To See You Here!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog space for this course, Digital Citizenship and Media Literacies. I am excited to share this learning journey with you as I further my development in digital media and authentically utilize technology in the classroom. I currently teach grade 6 students in Regina, Saskatchewan. This is my fifth class in my masters program and I am definitely looking forward to gaining more knowledge from Alec. If you haven’t had him as a professor yet, you are in for a treat! I have previously taken ECI 831 and 833 which are both educational technology classes and I hope to take the other available ed. tech classes in the future as well. I really enjoy the format of the classes and I take away so much from the class community.

My name is Katherine Mihial!

I was born and raised and currently teach in Regina, Saskatchewan. However, I have the pleasure of escaping the city every day to our home at Last Mountain Lake. I am recently married this past August, own and breed labrador retrievers and love spending time outdoors biking, hiking, fishing and basking in the sunshine. I have many years of experience both participating/coaching/judging in the competitive gymnastics and cheerleading community. I am in my fourth year of teaching and have spent more time teaching during a pandemic than not. Hopefully, that changes!


2 thoughts on “Great To See You Here!

  1. I love how clean your blog looks, Katherine! Very minimalist and calming. I think it’s very telling of what kind of prof Alec is when students keep coming back to take his classes! I’m curious… What is your favourite tech tool to use with your Grade 6 students?


    1. Thank you so much for the compliment on my blog site. That is definitely the vibe I was going for! My favourite tech tool to use with my grade 6 students would be Seesaw for regular assignments and assessment. I fun one that we all love is Blooket. Similar to Kahoot but with a game component.

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