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Ethical & Moral Dilemmas in a Digital World

Navigating social media and social networks as an educator is to say the least…challenging for many. Whether it be managing your own personal accounts or integrating social media with your professional role, it can be difficult to understand where the lines are drawn and what is acceptable. This blog post will share my own personalContinue reading “Ethical & Moral Dilemmas in a Digital World”

Educators Role in Digital Citizenship

Teaching digital citizenship in schools is currently part of the hidden curriculum. Just like teaching manners, social cues, how to tie your shoes, and so much more, digital citizenship falls under that umbrella. Many believe that teachers should only have to teach outcomes however, we know that we don’t teach just subjects, we teach children.Continue reading “Educators Role in Digital Citizenship”

Our Digital Identities

The idea of having a digital identity is fluid and it consistently grows with you as your personal identity changes over the years or even decades. We often like to assume that digital identity looks the same for everyone. However, for some, it can be a very crucial aspect of their daily lives, whereas othersContinue reading “Our Digital Identities”

Great To See You Here!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog space for this course, Digital Citizenship and Media Literacies. I am excited to share this learning journey with you as I further my development in digital media and authentically utilize technology in the classroom. I currently teach grade 6 students in Regina, Saskatchewan. This is my fifth class inContinue reading “Great To See You Here!”