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Course Prototype Overview – Flight & Aviation

Welcome to my course prototype overview for ECI 834 – online & blended learning. Here you will find all the links needed to access and learn about the exciting world of flight innovation & aviation in a grade 5/6 classroom. This unit is specifically a grade 6 science unit. However, in our split classes, we teach and assess two grade 5 units and two grade 6 units to the entire class for the year. We used OneNote within Office 365 as our platform of choice for this online course as it is provided by our school division. Students were learning to use OneNote for the first time during this learning experience. This course was taught face-to-face using school-provided devices.

Ready for take-off?

Please use the links below to view the different aspects of the course overview.

Course Profile Module #1 Course Revisions Module #2


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